That Journey we still remember- A Ride to Rohtang

Recently, when planning a vacation in the mountains along with some friends, like many others, we settled for Manali as our go-to place.

We stayed at Old Manali in a hostel there, from where we were introduced to this new concept by Letsplayy, lads who offer electric bicycles on rent. Intrigued already, we excitedly met this guy who dealt with the electric bikes and there, we hopped on for a test ride.

To say the least, that cycle ride really convinced us to give it a go. Of the many small routes which you can choose to cover in a day, we chose to ride to Rohtang, for the sake of adventure of course, it surely sounded like a thing!

There we were, in the morning, hired 4 ebikes already, with 4 super cool looking head gear and 2 extra batteries to aid the 50 KM ride.

It was the break of the day, and we pushed it hard in the sublime light of the dawn, the clocks had just hit a li’l past 5’o clock and here we were, pounding with enthusiasm, making ways out and above. It was a suitable day, feeble morning sun lurking behind the hills, and time hopped ahead of us when we realized it was already 30 minutes past 8 AM in the morning when we took a halt at Kothi, had our breakfasts and left for the uphill ride to Gulaba.

A quick switching of batteries at Gulaba, and we decided to continue the ride to Marhi. No wonder those treads on their tyres became our best friends when the mud and rubble on the worst kind of terrain came in our way. The roads were in no mood to befriend us travelers, and it was steep as hell, but the batteries stayed by your side and we played around with the accelerators.

Once at Marhi, it was some time to catch a quick breath, it was ten thirty in the morning, and while we halted for a good one hour, we put our batteries on a charge at a local hut. It was a ride again and for 3 hours straight we rode to Rohtang Pass.

Though the original plan was to cross the pass but the skies turned an ugly show that day, and we stayed at Rohtang for a while. Adored the snows around, played for a while, and felt this weird accomplishment of doing it all on an ebike.

Now, without wasting much of the time we decided to ride back before it gets dark and it was another experience altogether, those brakes got some serious level precision and hold, we could ride at every speed and after a quick lunch midway at Kothi, we went all the way straight down, seeing white snow chunks getting replaced with green meadows and waterfalls throughout and having the freedom to stop and watch wherever and whatever was what we loved but what was the best? It’s one lifetime of an adventure, going straight into my books from now till a lifetime. It was a great fun!

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