Sunset Tour – Jaipur

In a world of endless hustle, if you get to stop for a moment, listen to your heart and see the world in delight, it is in the moments of the beginning and in the moments of the end. The city in pink is magnificently vibrant during the daylight, but when the red rays of the drowning sun fall upon the grounds here, the adornment gets multiplied.

Listen carefully, our electric cycles ride goes like this:

We leave on our electric cycles, riding through the main city, riding towards the east of the town. The busy city is all buzzy during the peak hours of the evening, markets filled with shoppers, monuments surrounded by tourists and streets busy with commuters. This is difficult but it is an essential drill to familiarise you with the Indian traffic so as to accustom you with the roads. The true spirit glows up in the evening and one would see a completely different face of the town in the evening.

The Galta Ji Temple better known as the Monkey Temple amongst travel enthusiasts is known to be so because of the numerous macaque monkeys that reside in these hills and the temple complex. Seemingly friendly, these monkeys can be really fun to play with and one may even see people feeding them peanuts on their hands (special points if you wanna take that risk).

Located in a crevice of the Aravali Hills, multiple on ground temples, hermitages, and pavilions are all-encompassing the temple but the main temple is actually located on the top of the hill. The place also boasts of its natural springs that fill up various tanks (kunds) in the temple and are considered to be as sacred. On the other end of the hill, are some extraordinary sunset points including the chic white-marble Sun Temple, from where the entire panorama of the pink city can be seen, with the sun setting on the western horizon, right in front of your eyes. And this is particularly great for photogenic participants who would love to have the beautiful evening backdrop for their collection.

On our ride back home, we drive to some amazing places to eat in the city. And no, we don’t need to be hunting for each of them separately, a drive to Masala Chowk should suffice. This eatery, located near Albert Hall, features 10+ epically famous food joints from across the city, all at one place. Where an evening spent is a gustatory pleasure, with varieties of desserts, quick bites and meals to choose from, you can never have enough of it. Don’t think too much and just buy yourself a platter of cheat meals after so much hustle you did throughout the evening and just end it on a sweet note.

Do you never know what it feels like until you go through it, stands so true, ain’t it? Rent your e-bike today and get going on an exploration in Jaipur!

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