Sunrise Tour – Jaipur

Mornings, not only are great because you skip over honking buses and clueless rickshaw drivers, but here’s the thing, it’s so much more healthy around with no pollution in the skies that  surround you. Plus an added benefit? You get to see the sun, feeble yet attractive, leaving its friendship with the land and kissing a good morning to the skies.

The plan somewhat goes like this: We wake up together in the morning, get our gears on,  and head out to the streets. In the half-sleep of the city, everywhere it’s a serene calm, much different than what you would see during the day.

While it’s almost morning, it’s still dark and the city lights are still shining bright. Mind you, here is a catch! Each building in the markets of the walled city is bathed in detailed and magnificently projected lights, adding to the detailing of architecture.

Jaipur, being the city it is, is one of the country’s earliest planned cities, with the city astronomically divided into 9 blocks, each with its own significance, straight road plans and seven gates securing the safety of the citizens during vulnerables times back in those days.

On the way to the fort, the first one to appear is the Isarlat- ‘the infamous tower-cum-execution point for criminals of ancient times’, it’s in the center of the city and what better a place to hang a criminal than a 7 storey tower drenched in a plethora of lights? Then of course, ‘The Palace of Winds’ glistening in the still dark sky, the monument with a myriad of colorful windows stands out for itself and doesn’t quite need an introduction. Next up in the journey comes the ‘Palace of Water’, Jal Mahal as it is more famous is a man-made wonder floating in the huge Mansagar Lake. Placed right in the lap of the hills, honestly, seeing the sun rising from the back of it will woo you away. And then finally we climb up the hills, riding through the woods and putting up the peddle, when you finally reach Charan Mandir in the way towards Nahargarh, you get to feel the feeble warmth of the sun, as if fueling your inner soul on a vacation after so much of drama. We have a halt here, to see the sun rise from the lands and let it latch to your memories for time immemorial.

For the descent, we ride through shortcuts and a steep pathways which horses used to reach upto the fort in olden times. (you’ll be spellbound, quite obviously!)

But finally, what better way to end the journey with a treat?

So, by the end of the circuit, we take a halt at some of the famous stalls for quick morning bites, and voila, you can buy authentic Indian snacks and special masala chai for yourself as a treat for the mission you just accomplished.

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