Rishikesh 360 Cultural Tour

In simplistic pleasures life resides, a little hill town and a sunset on a cycle ride. But let’s twist the ends a little, making cycles turn into e-bikes? 

One of the best possible circuits in the city of Rishikesh, the Rishikesh mix tour is a platter of ‘everything-Rishikesh’ in a single go. All the way alongside the river banks, there is more for wonder than just bikes that are accelerated and electricity powered. 

And so we get a little loose, stretch for a second, put on some shoes and here we go! 

Riding uphill on the streets of Rishikesh is a therapy. Now you hear me say so, but you’ll agree more when you are out there on the road. Left and right, all green, water splashes from the river beneath and then you have the sights like this where a waterfall ends up right near your feet. More than a couple of waterfalls decorate the streets of Rishikesh and we couldn’t be more dipped into amazement. 

But then it’s time for some excitement, and there you have a beach. Yes, a beach it is, in the middle of the hills. The Goa Beach as its popularly called by the locals is a patch of land by the bank of the Ganges where clear sands come to the surface and the water subsides, giving it a beach vibe. 

And when it’s time, we go to explore classics like the Beatles Ashram. The 20th century souvenir of classic Indie-pop music generation, typsy-gypsy architecture and beautiful graffiti, this is just the right kinda place for seeking some otherworldly peace and silence. 

Riding on the bridges that swing, we are now driving through bright bulbs of night street markets of Rishikesh and whoever has been here, can tell why it’s such a shock to see such sophistication in an Indian downtown city. 

A 13 storey temple that overlooks the entire city, and an authentic aarti ceremony of daily life at the Shatrugan Ghat and you are up for a day of fulfilment, adventure and exploration, all on e-bikes that themselves are playful at best. 

C’mon then, be a part of our clan and let’s playy!

Get Ready for Thrills

Rishikesh is the most beautiful blend of spiritual and adrenaline-pumping experiences, Situated along with the convergence of Ganga and Chandrabhaga. Be it its tranquilizing beauty and architectural marvels or the grand temples and thrilling adventures trip, Rishikesh never fails to amaze one. To add to this amusement and fun, LetsPlayy offers you a perfect companion- a power-assist electric cycle on rent. Ride through the beautiful city and conquer the rugged mountains with the LetsPlayy electric cycles. You can explore various offbeat locations too and experience life the ‘local way’. You will feel a sense of wonderment with the breathtaking views of the mountains while you enjoy your ride at a comfortable pace. You can also ride along with us on our tour circuits, packed with thrill and adventure.

We also have a cultural tour, Rishikesh 360, a custom-curated experience for all those seekers and explorers who would love having an effortless electric cycle ride and learn about cultures, people, rituals and history.
So, what are you waiting for? Book a ride now!

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