Solang Valley – Manali

Manali To Solang Valley With Letsplayy Electric Cycles

With the trails of pine trees, pavements and river splashes, the town of Manali can never be richer in the sense of showing you ways to explore. Sitting with pride on the Himalayan mountains, the town that has acted as an important gateway to the silk route, once a prominent resting point for traders and explorers of the Spiti valley, now is also a route frequented by hearts of millions who protect the spirit of travel and by those who protect the spirit of the nation.

The game is of seasons and this small town knows exactly the right moves. A silent, hush-hush hood in the winter months when the river freezes and the valley is drenched in snow-flakes, all changes with the onset of the springs, Manali opens its cards and gives you a straight show. An extravagant show of colors, greenery, and charm is right here for you to treat your visions. The mountains are evershining with hues of green and neon bloom, and the skies, spotless blue. Far-far above the valley, the peaks of the Pir Panjal Ranges reflecting sunshine from the chic white snow caps. It’s like being in the heaven’s abode.

And now we begin. Through the clean lanes of Old Manali, getting charged from authenticity of the intricate mountainous architecture of wooden homes, ever smiling people and charisma of the young school goers, we ride through the veins of the town. On our e-bikes we pedal when excited and accelerate for a change.

Letsplayy E-Bike Ride

Our ride brings us close to some famous eateries in the town that will happily serve you a healthy breakfast if you wish them to. A bump on the belly gives you yet another motivation to ride heavy, and no, you can’t agree more. What’s great is that you know the exact drill, why stop then? Let’s Playy!

Ride the streets passing the Manali Club House by your sides to go deeper into the greens with apple orchards and vibrant farms in their full gleam. Wandering like a free soul, we ride off towards Shanag in a direction opposite to the flowing Beas river. And it might be a good time to realize that climbing the mountains could never feel so effortless on your e-bikes that you will not find yourself struggling to catch a breath, rather, taking deep relaxed sessions of mountain-breeze-therapy.

Be welcomed by some airborne colorful gliders up above you right after we cross some water streams as we make our ways to the Solang Nalah, the Rohtang Pass radiating its shine straight to you from the top. And now is time for another simple ascend, when we reach the Solang Valley and begin a ride uphill to the flat lands from where fellow humans prepare for their ride on paragliders down the valley of Solang.

Places to Eat at Solang Valley

For you to have a more than ordinary experience, we have come up with a few recommendations. At Solang Valley is this pizza place in the name of “Pizza Hut” serving delicious, pure veg. Pizzas, a spacious dedicated parking for your e-bikes, Let’s Playy guests also get specially curated prices here, but what you’ll adore the most is the warmth that this couple has for the guests who arrive here.

And there’s yet another place in the name of Ride Inn, a motorcycle themed cafe that not only serves great food but offers more than normal ambiance, go and explore.

Secret alleys, some great allies, feel like being in the land of Alice and that’s possibly too many reasons to be in these valleys. Join us today in an otherworldly experience the city tours in Manali.

Get Ready for Thrills


Let the adventure kick in. Ride through the majestic hills and explore the enchanting Manali on an electric cycle. Experience the lush green beauty, the magnificent waterfalls, and chilly winds on our handpicked cycling tours from Manali packed with thrill and adventure.

Stride across the hills in the Solang Valley, walk in the snowfields at the Rohtang Pass, watch the spectacular waterfalls on the ride to Naggar, be at an unimaginable ease while at Kanyal and experience the serenity of Sethan.

Rent an electric cycle in Manali with Letsplayy and gather memories for a lifetime.

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