Sethan Valley – Manali

Trip To Sethan With Letspayy

Sethan is a small village  located about 15 K.M From Manali. Many Tourist Come to this place for a trip. Sethan, for all the great reasons has been an incredible offbeat tour in Manali for travelers, and comes with a minimal tinch of urbanisation and minus the  shenanigans of crowded town centers, thus making for a perfect place for all the homestays that cover the Sethan Valley in the middle, on the way to Hampta Pass offering its surreal silences, surrenderance and self-exploration to whoever who decides to arrive here.  

Pushing the pedal through huge pine trees, we let the sunshine and forest grounds pave the paths for us. Riding through the reserve forest of Manali, we pass through some resorts in the valley until we finally reach the mainland Manali mall road.

Mall road is the central location and is usually crowded due to the various outlets and showrooms that are present here. But we are here just for the sake of some great nourishment. A light morning Indian breakfast to start the day simply sounds like a great fortune and anyone can expect a great day when they have done this right!

Ride With Letsplayy Electric Cycles

Now before you become lazy, let’s drive away in the mountains, on the left banks of the river, we ride in the direction of the river to reach Prini, 3 Kms south of Mall Road, once here we take a turn towards Sethan Valley road going towards Hampta Pass. Rewards are what make challenges beautiful, truly. The 35 hairpin loops on the road leading to Sethan bring a moderate jerk to your countryside la-la-landish ride and you may have to take some extra support from your electric cycle power assist system. But think about this, a 360 degree magnificent aerial view of the entire Manali from the Sethan Valley, heart captivating and piece-of-art kinda homestays up here and vicinity to the Hampta Pass freezed in cloudy snow, is how Sethan totally justifies why the roads pose you with a challenge.

Villagers heading towards the pass, humble than ever, cheerful as always, the eye widening meadows of the Hampta Pass when you accent to the right view points, it’s all so overwhelming, you’ll never stop thanking us for bringing you up in this small heaven nestled in the Himalayas . And when it’s about time to leave, we offer you with the choice to stay. Sethan is famous for its homestays and it’s quite a great experience to live in this remote valley, we recommend Hampta 360 degree and Bon Appetite Homestays as the great ones, courtesy the raw feel and unmatched warmth that these places have to offer.

Stay here, hire the electric cycle and climb up to Hampta the following day, or join us back in our descent towards the river Beas and then to Club House Manali, where we began with, never forget sharing what you capture, we love different perspectives and talents.

And then someday on a winter night, when there is a glass of wine, a fire in the sight, let this be your go to story, an experience you would love to always recite. Don’t wait, book your ride now.

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Stride across the hills in the Solang Valley, walk in the snowfields at the Rohtang Pass, watch the spectacular waterfalls on the ride to Naggar, be at an unimaginable ease while at Kanyal and experience the serenity of Sethan.

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