Rohtang Pass – Manali

The silent city of Manali, maintains a crown on its head year round- The Rohtang Pass. Its the adventure paradise of traveller. Perennially covered in thick snow, this pass not only serves as a gateway to the Spiti Valley but also is integral for local herders and shepherds. But what’s more exciting? White snow melting in front of you, streams of crystal clear water going down the slopes and beat-skipping steep views of the valley. Travelers who seek to witness snow fields come here with all enthusiasm in the mid months of the year (the highway gets closed in the winter months) to watch and play in snow. Get the electricity within you charged, worry not about your e-bikes, they are already charged.


But before we begin, here’s a humble piece of advice:- Gear up yourself for the ride to properly enjoy it, wear warm gloves, socks, boots, and cover yourself, the winds up are chilly. The ride is a strenuous one, refrain from having a heavy stomach, and maintain your speed on the ride. And now time for some real expedition. Roll up your socks and get ready to drive, we swear this is gonna be one journey that will stay in your head for eternity. The peak of Rohtang is above 50 KMs from Old Manali, riding over beautiful bridges adorned with brightly colored Tibetan flags and the river Beas gurgling under you, through highways roofed by rocky mountains, up you go, rapiding away and riding past the valley of Solang, blooming in green meadows and colorful gliders open to set off, multiple hairpin bends and on the other end across the valley, melting snow from the glaciers.

Rohtang Pass Tours By Letsplayy Electric Cycle

Green meadows and sunshine on your own electric cycle, effortlessly driving up the hills while sheeps cross your ways and shepherds smiling away, this comes straight out of a dream, so close, that you can touch this dream on the ride. While we wait to get to the top, we stop mid way at Madi. This place has many places to have a stall, relax and eat but Aunty’s Dhaba is one iconic spot in Madi and we greatly credit her bubbly character and a warmth that she radiates everytime you go there. Have a quick cup of tea or a light snack and get going.

And just when you think that the green beauty has come to an end, you will find yourself in sheets of white all over, and the clouds so close, you would struggle to differentiate between them and snow. We usually go up to Gulaba Viewpoint about 3.5 KM prior to the Rohtang La Pass since the traffic jams from hereon to the top are really something you won’t wish to be a part of. From the snowland, to the valley views, everything here in Gulaba is just as beautiful as you have imagined for and you can thank us now if you loved it and how?

Spend some time in the snowfield, playing with snow, building your own snowman, getting some beautiful shots clicked up, and latching up to your soul some life altering self-explorations and memories.  And then it’s again a downhill ride back to the same beautiful valley we came up from. Rent your e-bike today in the city of snow.

Get Ready for Thrills


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Stride across the hills in the Solang Valley, walk in the snowfields at the Rohtang Pass, watch the spectacular waterfalls on the ride to Naggar, be at an unimaginable ease while at Kanyal and experience the serenity of Sethan.
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