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Manali To Naggar Trip With Letsplayy

Discover the miraculous trip to naggar with letsplayy electric cycles. Naggar is a small village in the district of Kullu has time traveled to today’s date without letting the wrath of it manipulating its core. A regional capital of the region, the Naggar castle has the crown of being the official ruling seat for the longest time.

There is a lot that comes in you and this destination of yours that is a castle (no, not from a fairytale, but if all’s right, someday you might see it in a fable). Now, before the sun’s on our head, we must leave and how? Let’s find out:

The trip begins from Old Manali, we ride pass the old city streets, wooden homes, and brilliantly architectured temples. And right when we reach at the entrance of Manali Nature Park, we get on the bridge to get to the left banks of the river before we finally leave down south on towards Naggar road.

Right from crossing the bridge, the adventure junkie within you is already shaken and woken up, and when before you know, you are already shooting your limbs like a wild machine to get to the destination with all the excitement. An excitement that doubles up when you come across Jagatsukh, a very small area in the outskirts of main town Manali where beautiful green fields, solitary roads and a famous ancient temple awaits you.

FYI- This one’s also famous as the base camp for the Deo Tibba trek into the Himalayas.

A Route To Paradise in Manali

This face of a countryside will entangle you with its charm when one hundred, oh yes, you-read-it-right, 100 waterfalls flowing from all directions of the hills above you and apply orchards blooming in red all around you, will set up the exact kind of ‘heavenly’ set; a view like this shall be enough for you to know why the film industry is so obsessed with this location. Riding ahead, on our e-bikes passing through the Sarsai village when we have a small pitstop for you to revive. Park your electric cycles in specially designated parking points and have a break.

Have some tea or amazing noodles made by a local uncle here, and catch with your beats for a while. Frame out what you see and get some frames in your mind, right before we leave on time.

The village of Soil comes in the way to our final destination, the village of Naggar. We go to the castle to witness the marvellous making that lasted all major earthquakes of the region and still stands up, now no longer a castle but a heritage hotel, narrating its story to these mountains and those forests that have always been there.

Unwind and relax here, get some time to charge your batteries and maybe your e-bikes can be put on a charge too, so that your uphill ride is as smooth as it was riding down here. The village of Naggar is not only famous for its magnificent history and a crucial castle but there are temples dedicated to Hindu mythology that are thought high of and are held in high reverence. The architecture here is also influenced by the mountain-styled carvings and is quite interesting to witness.

Now, we ride away, to the roads we came from all the way. Electric cycles charged, mission for the day accomplished and a movie with great moves reeled up in the mind. Join the trip today and explore Manali in a different way.

Get Ready for Thrills


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Stride across the hills in the Solang Valley, walk in the snowfields at the Rohtang Pass, watch the spectacular waterfalls on the ride to Naggar, be at an unimaginable ease while at Kanyal and experience the serenity of Sethan.

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