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Manali To Kanyal Tour With Letsplayy

It’s not always that we don’t have plans. In the hustle to be here, do that, why not let’s get lost today, think about what we wanna do now? If the winds are fresh, let’s breathe in deeper, if the mountains ahead are marvellous, let’s just sit down for hours contemplating and being at an unimaginable ease. Yeah, that’s what these mountains do to you, that’s what Kanyal does to you.


That thin line between traverse and travel is where most of you are mislead. Ticking off the charts, the most touristy temples, those hot springs who-knows-why are so seemingly interesting, the same old urban markets of these hill stations, is not what adds to your exploration. What adds to your exploration are experiences beyond your imagination, getting to places away from easy reaches, lengthy and friendly conversations with different people in the process and sometimes, a few moments of solace. 

Kanyal is not known to many, a spot hidden under the blue clear skies of Manali, in a direction right opposite to the peaks of the Hampta Pass. Being one of the most offbeat destination that literally no guide would take you to and no hotel manager would suggest you to do, this continues to be a great place for backpackers and explorers who want to unravel hidden bounties of the Himalayas. The place, being the beauty it is, bestows to you solitude and believe us at our word here, ‘the finest version of it’.  But how do you get there? Here you go:

Out we go on a downhill ride, on the right ends on the river’s side, through the jungles and the roads, on a journey to find a mental abode. We leave from Old Manali on our fully charged up electric bikes riding past the Club House, driving down to the main Mall Road of Manali. Halt here for a while, fill in some snacks and get ready for the actual ride.

Kanyal, located on the right banks of Beas is located in the Simsa village, about 3 Kms south of Manali and then an uphill ride to the top for roughly 4 KMs.

Riding through the city streets, watching the city wake into the sunshine, children dolled up in neat school uniforms, army men enroute to the their destinies, and the snowy peaks ever glistening with a golden shine from the sun, all becomes a sight to cherish on the way.

Hefty curves are a significant challenge on your way towards the lands up above but not when you are riding these e-bikes, just accelerate a bit, and no one shall know you did a tid-bit of fun with the beast! And when one finally manages to arrives here in the open lands at the top, they are treated with a 180 degree view of the Hampta Pass’ peaks covering the entire front panorama that you vision, and then this ultimate solitude that just dawns upon you as a complimentary gift is just an icing on the cake. 

Just sit back, relax, watch the frozen peaks on one end, the green valley when your eyes wander elsewhere, feel the air, relax. Rest assured, here is what you’ll definitely earn- a souvenir. Souvenir of a heightened sense of self.  

Are you a bit more adventurous? Oh, we are. Inner exploration already done right, what about some outer experience now? Get your e-bikes on the shoulder and lets track down into the valley, worry not, these beasts are strong not heavy, uhm, just another reason we love them.

On the disconnected path, when you walk towards the North a bit, the place you end up at is the famous Hidimba Devi Temple, pay a bow here and end it all well. Book your e-bike in Manali now. Remember the experience forever.

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Stride across the hills in the Solang Valley, walk in the snowfields at the Rohtang Pass, watch the spectacular waterfalls on the ride to Naggar, be at an unimaginable ease while at Kanyal and experience the serenity of Sethan.

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