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Manali casts a spell on you!

The magnificence and strength of the mountains charm you and leaves you bewitched.

There’s a strong sense of peace which fills your heart and enlivens your soul when you visit these mountains, they make you feel at ‘home’. They make you feel welcomed with the crisp air that gently brushes against your skin, as the beaming sunshine cleanses you from within and the blissful lull that follows you through the day into the night is broken with the sweet whispers of the river which fearlessly flows by.

The sunsets and sunrises paint the majestic mountains in different hues while at night, the swarm of stars seem so close by as they shine so bright.

Does it sound like a perfect dream? Well, that’s the enigma of Manali to be precise. It leaves you enraptured and the sense of magic which fills you, makes you go back for more, to explore more, to soak it all in and to live that perfect dream.

Imagine when it evokes a sense of ecstatic joy to think of being surrounded by such alluring beauty, who wouldn’t want to go on the journey to have such insightful experiences? It is blissfully enriching to embrace Nature as you witness the charm of the wilderness, and live through the myriad experiences.

Rental Electric Cycles By Letsplayy

These are the kinds of ‘profound travel experiences’ we talk about, the ones which leave a lasting impression on you. And one of the great ways to explore the pristine beauty of these mountains is on an electric-cycle. You might wonder, ‘why an electic-cycle’? A simple answer is that they are eco-friendly and this way you get to discover places and embrace Nature without harming her.

Beginning with the picturesque views of the mountains, waterfalls, riversides, forests, hot water springs, lush green meadows and temples, there is so much more that Manali has to offer. You can charter an electric cycle to explore various offbeat locations too and experience life the ‘local way’. We are sure that you will feel a sense of wonderment with the breathtaking views of the mountains while you enjoy your ride at a comfortable pace.

Another great thing is that we can also assist you in planning your excursions by drafting route maps for you, to make your riding experience comfortable and smooth, and let Manali work its magic on you!

E-Bike tours in Manali

Solang Valley Ride - Manali

In the hills I stride; tripping, rising, running a constant fight, because in the end, that’s where my heart resides.

Rohtang Pass Ride - Manali

Sometimes a child, sometimes an adult, but dream are the only ones untethered. Who amongst us hasn’t dreamt of snowfalls, white snow fields, and snowman? No one. Period.

Kanyal Ride - Manali

It’s not always that we don’t have plans. In the hustle to be here, do that, why not let’s get lost today, think about what we wanna do now? If the winds are fresh, let’s breathe in deeper, if the mountains ahead are marvellous, let’s just sit down for hours contemplating and being at an unimaginable ease. Yeah, that’s what these mountains do to you, that’s what Kanyal does to you.

Naggar Ride - Manali

Green meadows, blue skies, white snow and streams fast and slow, when you are dampened by the splashes of a hundred water bodies falling from the highlands and craters, you kind of bloom with energy with every splatter.

Sethan Valley Ride Manali

Do you realize your life is more than countless breaths, innumerous blinks, and myriad of thoughts? If you do, then there is no way you will resist going on a ride like this. Let’s sense, stop, stare in a still, serene Sethan.

Let the adventure kick in. Ride through the majestic hills and explore the enchanting Manali on an electric cycle. Experience the lush green beauty, the magnificent waterfalls, and chilly winds on our handpicked cycling tours from Manali packed with thrill and adventure.
Stride across the hills in the Solang Valley, walk in the snowfields at the Rohtang Pass, watch the spectacular waterfalls on the ride to Naggar, be at an unimaginable ease while at Kanyal and experience the serenity of Sethan.
Rent an electric cycle in Manali with Letsplayy and gather memories for a lifetime.

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