Chilling watercurrents fall from the mountains, icebergs melting, making their way down the valley, taking the shape of a spirit, a river that’s worshipped, a river that makes death meet life once again, the Ganges welcomes you in Rishikesh.

Of all that this little Himalayan town is famous for, Ganges surely has to be one big reason of its identity. The first big town on the course of the Ganges up from the glaciers, it’s been there to see this river for a million seasons and has befriended it for all good. 

So that the roads of Rishikesh often coincide with the river routes, on your e-bike tour this time around, bridges, mountains, forests and the huge river will never take up the backfoot. But what’s more amazing, you know? It’s that you have a clan that’ll be ready to click you some instagram-worthy captures on the way or would love to share a quick evening snack with. 

So, you e-bikers that was what the journey would look like but what’s the real treasure lies a little out of downtown, the Triveni Ghat, is the grandest of all. Every day when the sun sets, Triveni Ghat is the place where everyone in Rishikesh would be at. This bank by the Ganges lights up by a thousand little diyas, with flower petals flowing into the river and floating candles on the water making the river a canvas painted beautifully as a starry night sky. 

Vibes more pure than you’d have ever felt, the air around the ghats is filled with the fragrance of incense and a divine mixture of sonorous bells and Sanskrit chants that seem to strike the right chord in you. 

If there’s anything more spiritual than this, we probably still haven’t discovered that yet but for the time being, an evening spent at the Ganga Arti of Triveni Ghat is by far the most spiritual and calming experience you can ever come across. 

And so right when it all finishes, we get back to our e-bikes, and ride back to where we started, once again through the bridges and mountains but this time it’s an uphill ride with some acceleration, some power assist at your rescue and of course a little bustle of the evening city life.  

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Get Ready for Thrills

Rishikesh is the most beautiful blend of spiritual and adrenaline-pumping experiences, Situated along with the convergence of Ganga and Chandrabhaga. Be it its tranquilizing beauty and architectural marvels or the grand temples and thrilling adventures trip, Rishikesh never fails to amaze one. To add to this amusement and fun, LetsPlayy offers you a perfect companion- a power-assist electric cycle on rent. Ride through the beautiful city and conquer the rugged mountains with the LetsPlayy electric cycles. You can explore various offbeat locations too and experience life the ‘local way’. You will feel a sense of wonderment with the breathtaking views of the mountains while you enjoy your ride at a comfortable pace. You can also ride along with us on our tour circuits, packed with thrill and adventure.

We also have a cultural tour, Rishikesh 360, a custom-curated experience for all those seekers and explorers who would love having an effortless electric cycle ride and learn about cultures, people, rituals and history.
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