Fort Tour – Jaipur

Behind every story there is a history, and those who know their facts right, know what treasures are hidden in the caves of time. The city of Jaipur has been a prominent ruling region for the Rajputs of the land who built the Jaigarh Fort and the Nahargarh fort during different reigns in time. Let’s see how it goes when we ride an uphill battle to capture these forts in one of the multiple experiences we together earn.

Brace yourself, this tour is the longest we have on our list and the circuit is of approximately 30 Kms in total, so roll up your socks and sleeves as we begin our journey on our shining electric bikes. Believe us it is quite an exploration.

Riding up through the busy streets of the city, we finally get to the valley of the village of Amber, passing through the forests and steep hill roads, to reach the Jaigarh Fort. The famous fort is placed on a hill plateau known as “Cheel Ka Teela” (literally eagle’s hill) probably because it overlooks the Amber Palace and houses the world’s largest canon of those times. Spread across an area of 3 KM in length and about 1 KM in width, the fort is quite a big one and is connected to the palace through secret tunnels. But what’s important, are the relieving views of the town of Amber, and the palace you get from this fort.

Once we are done exploring the fighter fort of Amber, we head towards the bounteous fort of Nahargarh. Built to serve as a retreat, the fort was never meant to be for the security of the city but has a majestic view of the pink city from up above. It is often also believed that Nahargarh comes from the name of a saint “Nahar Singh Bhomia” whose spirit once inhabited the region and obstructed the construction of the fort. Intricate frescos, huge beautiful gates and walls, and a magnificent view is what all it offers. The sunsets are especially popular from Nahargarh Fort, and thus, occasionally, we also take a break from the written itineraries to head to Padao Rooftop at Nahargarh to enjoy the sunset with a 360 degree view of the town from the restaurant.

After a strenuous ride up the hill, it is quite obvious to feel those hunger pangs and now, is the time to try on some snacks of course! So, we gather up all the energy and ride on our e-bikes down the city streets rallying through the city rush, to Sardar Ji Kachori in Nehru Bazaar. The humble joint not only is popular for its fresh, hot kachori but the ‘Lassi’ they have to offer is a next level of refreshing appetizer, something you wouldn’t ever have had in your life and it goes without saying but we suggest you must try them once!

Blowing off dust from the pages of the past is a great self-exploration, and when you add adventure and good food to it, it is the recipe for a perfect evening. Why don’t yourself experience Jaipur and its history? Join us today for custom e-bike fort tours!

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