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How is an e-bike different from a regular bike?

Electric cycles or e-bikes make riding smooth and effortless. The battery operated motor provides the additional support to the rider, thus leading to a reduced effort in pedalling, especially while riding uphill. E-bikes are driven by Pedal Assist System (PAS), which assists the motor to give an added boost. This, in turn, enables the rider to cover greater distances much faster. The regular bicycles do not have this feature.

What is the range of e-bike?

The motor of an e-bike is electrically powered, and its average range is 60kmph.

However, the distance covered by an e-bike depends upon various factors such as how frequently is the assist lever used, the weight of the rider, temperature etc.

How long does the battery last?

With a single battery charge, you can comfortably cover a distance of up to 60km. We provide a battery charger which makes it easier to charge your e-bike while you stop for a break.

Does it assist in acceleration for an uphill ride?

Well, depending upon the factors such as the inclination and the weight of the rider, the 250-watt motor gives the best assistance to make the ride as smooth and effortless.

How do I manoeuvre the gears on my e-bike?

The electric gears are easy to operate, you can select the gear mode with a touch button on the controller. There are three gear assist modes- low, medium and high.

How much does renting an e-bike cost?

Per day rental charges for an e-bike are INR 600 (9 am – 6 pm). You can hire it for the longer duration as well. The charges for the same shall be as applicable.

What are the timings to return the e-bike?

We remain open till 6 pm, so, you can drop in anytime between 9 am to 6 pm to return the bike.

How do I get in touch in case of an emergency?

All our e-bikes have stickers, with our store contact number posted on them, you may call us anytime in case of an emergency.

Can I ride my bike in the rain?

Yes, one can ride the e-bike in the rain.

What are the documents required to rent an e-bike?

One is required to submit a valid ID proof such as Voter ID, Pan Card or Driving Licence as the deposit for bike rental.

Do you need a licence to ride e-bikes in India?

No, you do not need a licence to ride the e-bike.

As per CMV rules in India, battery operated vehicles with the calibre lesser than 250 watts, are exempted from registration, and the rider does not require a licence.

Do you offer any discounts for group rentals?

Yes, we offer discounts for group rentals. Please connect with us to know more about it.

How do I clean the e-bike?

You can clean the e-bike with a brush and a damp cloth.

Do you provide a spare battery for emergencies?

We provide a charger with the e-bike for emergency situations, which can be used if the battery runs out.

Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes, we expect full payment in advance.

What if I return the e-bike late?

We charge a nominal fee in such a scenario.

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