Explore Rishikesh With Letsplayy Rental Electric Cycle

I roll around the rainbows to take a ride, in the foothills, where the holy river resides. Gushing through the woods, meeting friends, stunting on rocks and through strangers on the bridges, making the way.

With a bang yet again, when it’s about time for the springs to arrive, Lets Playy has successfully found its way to the Yoga capital of the world- Rishikesh. Now, the rule is simple, if it is a fine summer morning and you are to do some rigorous exploration and add to it a tinch of exercise, your go to option is riding the beast bikes on the uphills overlooking the Ganges and morning rituals of the city of all sorts of positive spirits.

Dodge that troop of monkeys, and don’t bother the “Baba”, keep calm hey you, here is a new saga. Make your own set of sagas when you ride alone or with a companion to the peaks of rishikesh from where the waters seem to shine. But promise first that you won’t be breathing like an angry beast, just simply activate your support systems and accelerate your ride up the hill.

Welcome with all your love and warmth, Lets Playy electric cycle ride in Rishikesh and show us what adrenaline levels you got.

E-Bike Tour Rishikesh

Get Ready for Thrills


Rishikesh is the most beautiful blend of spiritual and adrenaline-pumping experiences, Situated along with the convergence of Ganga and Chandrabhaga. Be it its tranquilizing beauty and architectural marvels or the grand temples and thrilling adventures trip, Rishikesh never fails to amaze one. To add to this amusement and fun, LetsPlayy offers you a perfect companion- a power-assist electric cycle on rent. Ride through the beautiful city and conquer the rugged mountains with the LetsPlayy electric cycles. You can explore various offbeat locations too and experience life the ‘local way’. You will feel a sense of wonderment with the breathtaking views of the mountains while you enjoy your ride at a comfortable pace. You can also ride along with us on our tour circuits, packed with thrill and adventure.

We also have a cultural tour, Rishikesh 360, a custom-curated experience for all those seekers and explorers who would love having an effortless electric bicycle ride and learn about cultures, people, rituals and history.
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