Pink City Tour – Jaipur

Looking through the kaleidoscope of a million pink windows, the city of forts and palaces, has maintained its reputation of being a true showstopper time and again.  Jaipur, the pink city, has been widely famous for its exquisite Rajasthani culture, handicrafts, textile and artistry.

Now who won’t love to explore a multi dimensional city like this all on a ride back through time? Know more while you ride an e-bike with us:

With each push to the peddle, we ride closer to history, and to the gateway from which folklores and the carefully intact auras of the town arise. The entire trip majorly is about the locale places, city streets, authentic eateries, self-exploration and everything else that falls in between (truly meant for the backpacker in you!)

So, we ride across the old city streets, seeing the city at work and explore legendary temples to begin with (oh! And yes it’s a true spiritual treat). Govind dev Ji, one of the finest definition of the city’s sleek architecture and placed right in the heart of the old city, this temple dedicated to Krishna is both, a treat to the eyes and to the soul. The arti (hours of prayers) are seven, spread throughout the span of the day and the temple gets flooded with devotion during those moments. Believe us, it’s one of those places you “should be at”.

Then of course, another famous, is the Tarkeshwar Mandir in Chaura Rasta, dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is special, also because unlike the conventional temples of Shiva, this one features the ragious  ‘avatar’ with the ‘third eye’ open (well, it’s quite a legend behind it, sharpen your research skills).

And then when you look out for some more spectacles, you will find your own self surrounded by them from all around. The breathtaking palace of wind (Hawa Mahal) with its windows blocked by neon colors, and the famous clock instrumental monument (Jantar Mantar), and the iconic City Palace from where the city has been ruled in byforgone ages, we got all of them covered.

Up on line, we ride through famous workshops and monuments in the walled city. The markets, particularly Hawa Sadak and Bapu Bazaar, are all widely recognized for their traditional jewelry, accessories, footwear and Rajasthani clothing and the vibrance with which these markets are adorned is truly a sight to remember

But wait before we end, you haven’t familiarized with a culture until you taste their flavour. And we thus can’t resist introducing you to the street food of the city that locals relish on. We’ll hunt down some authentic, famous hotpots in the city and you have a hundred percent freedom to try everything you wish to treat yourself with. So, be it a kachori (deep fried patties) or a faluda (vermicelli dessert), you will sure shot love all of it, that’s for a bet!

If you don’t quite take us at our word, why don’t you take yourself on your eyes? Don’t miss the chance, come join the caravan, rent your own e-bike from us in the city of Jaipur!

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