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LetsPlayy is an electric cycle rental company offering cycle tours and trip in jaipur. The cycling tour in Jaipur is an eco friendly way of exploring the ‘Pink City’. To explore the exquisite architecture and to admire the entire city, the hilltop forts and the massive villages, cycling is the best way. The temples and shrines can also be added to the list of places covered during the tour.

Cycling tour in jaipur allows you to explore the city in a unique way and effortlessly. It allows you to traverse through the small nooks and crannies of the city, which are overlooked otherwise.

E-Bike tours in Jaipur

Sunset - Tour Jaipur

On the canvas of skies, are amazing hues of red. These new friends, you have met them before, we bet! Riddles are solved when days come to an end, be there, be here, or enjoy the present as it is.

Pink City Tour - Jaipur

In riddled columns of the manuscripts, and in untangled tales of mysteries, in hidden corners of the streets, and in the secret pathways of history, there lies the unexplored, untold and unseen.

Fort Tour - Jaipur

Through the fire cannons, in the boulevard of broken bricks, saying goodbye to a tunnel of prisoners and a flood of memories. Time has passed but left every single evidence of its presence in the hallways of these buildings, here they stand, all abreast but bereaved!

Sunrise tour - Jaipur

In the wee hours of the day, we are heading out, to find within and to find without! Early morning e-bike rides to Nahargarh Fort.

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