Out in the woods, minds have a place to rest. And so we ride, out of beds, geared up, in downtown Bir. On a feeble sunny morning, enjoying the mountains as it is on one of the windows of Bir’s multiple exquisite cafes, having some fresh meals, prepping for a ride out of the town.


Sherabling Monastery is place for all, for those who sing and for those who stay silent, it’s a destination to cherish. Pedalling on the clear roads of this small town, you’d naturally slow down to the gorgeous fields and lilac blue skies casting on you bright hues of light. 

And now for what changes once you cross the beautiful landing site of Bir, the route is a bit steeper from hereon, but why frown when you have the pedal assist mechanism at your rescue. Just give it some race and you need not drag even for a second. Go on, gear up, lighten up your e-bike and you suddenly have to hustle less on that peddle. 

On and on, unknown roads tangled in forest floors and meadows, have all what you need for a vision therapy but even before the real deal arrives, there on the road is Nirvana Camp, yes, that famous Musicathon checkpoint, this is here on our way to Sherabling Monastery. 

What’s the time now? Isn’t it time for some butter ladden up desi lunch? The Fauji Punjabi Dhaba at Chaugan-Sansal road will satiate your appetite for some beautiful food aesthetics for that feed of yours and will also feed you with some authentic Indian flavored food. Great for catching your breath for a while, spend some time at rest before we go further ahead.

A couple of minutes of downhill ride, a slight leftward turn and our destination arrives. A symphony of chirping birds, sounds of falling water and rustling of leaves, by far are the most beautiful noises of nature is what you’ll know when are in the monastery. There are explanations to most things but what calm actually feels like is a beauty that can only be experienced. 

We hydrate ourselves here, get some beautiful captures, sit in silence for a while before we finally ride back.  

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