The Journey to Gunehar Waterfall

The Journey to Gunehar Waterfall

On a bright day of winter, when you feel like riding through forest floors, you know where to get dusted, and where these rivers flow, and waterfalls far from the shore. Of all the things we love about Bir, it’s either the heart winning weather or the series of landscapes that ranges from waterfalls to meadows or the gorgeous snow mountains. And so here we are, off from Bir, post a lazy brunch in one of the multiple chic cafes that Bir has to offer.  With a pot belly we ride out of the town, towards the valley of Gunehar.


We head straight out of Bir Colony Road and take the first Left to Bir – Matru Road and then head straight. Slightly inclined, the road has its own charm with the views taking upon your senses.Some more pedaling along the curvy paths and inclined roads, you’ll now be riding on what’s known to be the most beautiful road in whole of Bir. 

Riding past the famous Himachali Dhaba on your left, you’ll now take the road on your right. That’s the Bir-Billing Road, a majestic route that often has clouds floating on the roads, an amazing aerial view of the valley and raw beauty in all its forms. On these e-bikes, you’ll truly be the adventure star that they all envy. Halt here, pose on your e-bikes and get funky pictures clicked in natural lights of the hills.

Catch your breath and get hydrated, once you are ready keep heading straight onto the road and enjoy your scenic ride through the mountains. Take the downhill road and head straight through the summer Bir Billing, the roads here are rough terrain, be careful while riding on them and keep heading straight, rest assured, your e-bikes are all equipped with superior suspension and an outstanding off road grip, so your day becomes a lot more easier.

There you have it the famous and ever calm, Bangoru Waterfall, aka Gunehar waterfall. Park your electric beasts near that small yellow tent , that’s the shop of a elderly woman who is known for her welcoming nature.  

And what’s the best thing about a waterfall? Well, for me, any day, it has to be listening to the water flowing. Sit, relax, meditate, play, bathe enjoy your heart out, cause that’s what we are here for. You can also walk a bit further downhill to have a glorious look at the two other waterfalls that pass from here, Bangrou Green Waterfall & Bangrou Big waterfall.

After some quality time, when it’s finally our time to head back, we’ll get to the main roads. Who’s up for some amazing food? If you are too, then follow me straight to reach 4 Tables Cafe & Gallery, that’s an amazing place to hang out here in Bir. Enjoy a delicious Lunch and amaze yourselves with the beautiful collection they have in their gallery.

And with these e-bikes with you, you are eligible to get an extra 10% discount, how amazing is that?

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