Riding an Electric Cycle in Bir

  /  Riding an Electric Cycle in Bir
Cycling in Bir

Who’s gonna be grounded anymore? At least not here in Bir-Billing, India’s very own paragliding capital.

There in the thin air of Bir, whistles the spirit of adventure junkies who travel all the way through streams and forests and villages big and small to this small village on the edges of the Dhauladhar ranges.

And all that effort, rightfully rewarded with a mesmerising hawk-eye view of the world.

In Bir, amidst the buddhist monasteries, a super enlightening deer park meditation center, neon colored gliders everywhere in the sky, paradise-like landscapes and heart capturing weather year round, what’s also famous now is Letsplayy e-bikes.

It’s a strong feeling, to ride through these mountains and meadows. Riding through waterfalls, overlooking rainbows on some beautiful days, and going all in on electric beasts.

A suspension so accurate, you’ll almost feel like flying, accelerate your way ahead on steep roads, stop there by the banks of a stream, or ride straight over them, you’d know no stopping when your partner are these super cool e-bikes.

Go on, downtown Bir and its myriad of cafes and all-places-cool await your e-bike’s tingling ring, ride over asphalt roads and take it down and get dirty offroad, they’ll let you play, just the way you want them to.

So, now we can sure shot say that we’re on cloud 9, well, quite literally. Get ready and ‘Letsplayy’ in Bir, open for booking now in Bir-Billing, Himachal.

E-Bike tours in Bir


On a bright day of winter, when you feel like riding through forest floors, you know where to get dusted, and where these rivers flow, and waterfalls far from the shore. Of all the things we love about Bir, it’s either the heart winning weather or the series of landscapes that ranges from waterfalls to meadows or the gorgeous snow mountains.


Out in the woods, minds have a place to rest. And so we ride, out of beds, geared up, in downtown Bir. On a feeble sunny morning, enjoying the mountains as it is on one of the windows of Bir’s multiple exquisite cafes, having some fresh meals, prepping for a ride out of the town.

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