Riding an Electric Cycle in Bir

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Cycling in Bir

Airborne is not a word, it’s a feeling. That’s so right when you are here in the Paragliding capital of this country. But when you are on electric beasts, you kind of stay grounded while still being able to enjoy heavenly feels.

And so we are here, in Bir. Going up and down, around green fields, waterfalls and super awesome weather.

So gear on and get ready to fly and ride through white cotton clouds, book your ride in Bir now. Letsplayy now in Bir.

E-Bike tours in Bir


On a bright day of winter, when you feel like riding through forest floors, you know where to get dusted, and where these rivers flow, and waterfalls far from the shore. Of all the things we love about Bir, it’s either the heart winning weather or the series of landscapes that ranges from waterfalls to meadows or the gorgeous snow mountains.


Out in the woods, minds have a place to rest. And so we ride, out of beds, geared up, in downtown Bir. On a feeble sunny morning, enjoying the mountains as it is on one of the windows of Bir’s multiple exquisite cafes, having some fresh meals, prepping for a ride out of the town.

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