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The Bunch of Brains Behind Lets Playy- Here’s Our Story

We are a team of travel enthusiasts who are engineers by education, turned entrepreneurs by choice. We believe that ‘planned tourism’ is a cliché besides being restrictive, in terms of the desired places you can explore at any given time. So we decided to take a step ahead and break free from the norm and offer the travellers the freedom to discover the offbeat places at a leisurely pace.

Fuelling the birth of technology-assisted tourism in India, we intend to break away from the stereotypical mindset of travelling which the majority of us are accustomed to. We assist you on your trails of wanderlust but, with a twist by simplifying the way you explore the places. Setting up e-bike rental studio in Old Manali is only a first step to a bigger milestone. We aspire to expand our business across various other tourist hubs in India and remain committed to familiarizing the people with the comfort and versatility of technology-based mobility, especially in terms of travel and tourism. In simpler terms, the idea behind e-bike rentals is also to provide the travellers with a healthy and active alternative as they explore the picturesque beauty of the Himalayas.

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Abhishek Dwivedi

A strategy designer (NID) turned entrepreneur, Abhishek is a co-founder of Lets Playy. A self-confessed motorhead and a travel enthusiast, he has explored the length and the breadth of our country, chasing many sunsets and sunrises on the motorbike trails. “Travel is an act of courage, we want to encourage people to hold on to that courage and explore the beautiful paths of Nature…the uncharted paths powered by the functional mobility of e-bikes. That’s what Lets Playy intends to do. Plus, it comes loaded with several advantages too, it takes care of you and it takes care of the environment.”

Gaurav Rathore

Gaurav is a metallurgical engineer from IIT Mumbai, an avid cyclist and the co-founder of Lets Playy. He is an adventure enthusiast and bitten by the travel bug, he has travelled extensively across Europe, South East Asia, besides, of course exploring various destinations in India. He believes that the concept of e-bike rentals is uncommon in India and with intends to change that with Lets Playy.

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